Ford Family | Mount Tabor Park

Blue skies, sunshine and crisp autumn leafs … annnnnd the Ford Family! Portland was sparkling this fall and we took full advantage with a visit to Mount Tabor.

Richie Family | George Rogers Park

The Richie family came my way through a recommendation and the first thing out of Libby's mouth when we met was: "Heads-up, we've never taken family photos before!" Well, you would never know that from these photos. Such fun documenting the love that is shared between son and dog, dog and mom as well as son and dad and it is all anchored by the love shared between husband and wife. Plus, it's SO OREGON to shoot on a beach in November. Fun Times!

Latta Family | Private Residence

The first time I ever took photos of the Latta family, Izzy was just a baby rolling around under the Christmas tree. She's now a full-blown little one completing puzzles, asking for chocolate chip cookies and laughing with her big brother. It's wild going a year between seeing these little ones because while I (mostly) stay the same, they make such leaps and bounds. 

Happy Holidays sweet Latta family, you all are simply the best!

Baby J | Newborn Photos in Portland

Is there anything more special than getting to see a little tiny human in its first week of life? I think not ladies and gentlemen... I think not!  It is, however, secondary to the love and awe that you get to see in the parents' eyes as they look on at this little one that they created together. A friend of mine once called it the best thing she had ever crafted - isn't that the truth?!  Sweet baby J is a lucky one too to have parents like Amelia and Trevor. I expect him to have a life full of gratitude and good attitudes. Grow on, sweet boy!



Ford Family | Tanner Springs Park

This is the third year that I've taken family photos for The Ford family and each year just gets sweeter than the last as I get to watch their little P grow up in front of the camera. Since they recently moved from the 'burbs to the city, we decided to shoot right in heart of Portland at Tanner Springs Park. While there were about 4 other photographers there at the same time, we were still able to carve out some space and privacy for our shoot. Happy Holidays to this lovely fam! 

MaiTais and Martinis | Anniversary Photography

Two kids, 10 years and a new home together deserve a celebration! I was honored to be in on the surprise as our good friend Steve surprised Jen with an anniversary party at the original spot where they were wed 10 years ago! With... get this... their original officiant and 100 of their closest friends! Swoon! Themed after each of their favorite drinks, and set against an Oregon summer night, we all definitely felt the love. 


Latta Family 2016 | Oregon Private Residence

While I love all of the urban luxuries of good food, drink and shopping in Portland, it just took one morning at the Latta property to make me long for sprawling lawns. Is that a tongue twister, or what?! 

Angie and Tom and their two lovely kiddos are full of fun and surprises. A favorite moment from this shoot was when each of the kids made a run for the house, chasing each other all over that aforementioned lawn. It's moments like these, in the throws of childhood and parenting, that time slows down and the sun shines a little brighter. 

Rosenberger Family | Hoyt Arboretum

We had the parents, kids, and grandkids all together and man is this one photogenic family. Thank you Rosenbergers for being my first multi-generational shoot and for all of your big smiles!


Vassar Family | Magnolia Trail

I tell you, that Ryan Lu has my heart. How could she not with eyes like those?! This photoshoot with the Vassar family timed perfectly with the beautiful blooms on the Magnolia Trail in Portland and we took full advantage. And note to parents: Apparently a trick to get your little ones to smile... your iPhone flashlight! Who knew?!



Ford Family | Private Residence

I first knew Ben and Lindsay during a time called "PP" or Pre-Preston. While some families might change their vibe after having kids, the Fords have kept their same humor and fun-loving ways and it totally comes through in the newest member of their family. 

We took these photos at their home in Portland the morning after daylight savings time, otherwise known as zero dark thirty for little ones. Yet, thank goodness, Preston was a little ball of sunshine and all smiles. All it took were a few "evil laughs" from her parents... apparently Preston thinks that is the funniest thing ever!

Thanks Ford Family!

Mele Family | Irving Park and POA Cafe

What is better than a smiling, happy family on photo day? A smiling, happy family that picks awesome locations to photograph in. The Mele Family, Jen, Steve and Gigi, are three of my favorites and also my first clients ever.  How cool is that? This year, Ms. Gigi was ready to roll with the best photo-ready smile - total superstar.

A big thanks to POA Cafe for letting us use their beautiful cafe on N. Williams as a backdrop to these authentic family photos. Cheers!